Superior Sound with Naim’s Mu-So

mu-so streaming

The Mu-So is Naim’s first wireless music system. Its premium quality emits incredible sonic experiences with advanced connectivity. The superiority and renowned audio from Mu-So will unleash your digital music. You’ll find yourself listening to your favourite artists more than ever before. Naim’s expertise in streaming, amplification, and loudspeaker technology is proved by the vibrant sound and the prestigious awards it has won.


The Mu-So is a game changer in the field of wireless home audio systems, providing instant access to music through a versatile set of sources. Product features include playing music through AirPlay on your Apple devices, connecting with Spotify, USB, Bluetooth, or UPnP™. Mu-So comes with a free 90 day trial of TIDAL: a lossless streaming service with native support. You can also boost audio from digital sources such as TVs, set top boxes or games consoles through Digital Input (Optical).


Works with other Naim products including the Mu-So Qb, which is perfect for simultaneous multiroom experiences. A whopping 450 watts of amplification coming from six 75 watt digital independent amplifiers. The Naim Control App lets you explore new music from Apple and Android devices, giving you more control over what you listen to. Bass and treble boosted at low volumes giving you a full dimensional musical experience at all sound levels. Comes with a standard black grille, however it is available in Deep Blue, Vibrant Red, and Burnt Orange.

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