Small in Size, Huge in Sound. Introducing the Mu-So Qb.

Mu-so Qb

The Mu-So Qb is the heart and soul of the award-winning Mu-So. A high-end premium home audio system that’s compact and wireless. Controlled by a powerful audio brain with custom features and can easily connect to plenty of music devices. Mu-So Qb delivers a staggering 300 watts of musical power, which brings all your music to life and a sound that defies size.


Including a wide variety of features built for accessibility into your music library. From streaming through AirPlay on your Apple devices, or connecting with Spotify, TIDAL’s lossless streaming service, Bluetooth or UPnP™. You have unlimited access to internet radio and can play music from an MP3 through USB. With an optical digital input, you can boost audio from TVs, set-top boxes or games consoles.


If you’re looking for an even bigger sound you can connect multiple Mu-So Qb’s and Mu-So’s together simultaneously to create a multiroom system experience that is incredibly vibrant. With easy to use functionality through the Naim Control App, you can manage what you listen to around the house. The Mu-So Qb is perfect for any home and can be customized with coloured grilles available in Deep Blue, Vibrant Red, and Burnt Orange.

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