Terms & Conditions


  1.    Purchasing Procedures
  2.    Prices
  3.    Payment
  4.    Availability
  5.    Shipments
  6.    Taxes
  7.    Warranty
  8.    Bills
  9.    Returns
  10.  Commitment, Acceptance and Validity of Contract
  11.  Applicable regulations
  12.  Personal information
  13.  Others

This agreement regulates the general conditions of purchase of the various products offered on this website by HOMETECH Spain SL, established in Calle Duquesa de Parcent 10 1st-3rd 29001 Málaga, so that the client, in the moment that the user completes the registration process and purchases a product, you accept and expressly subject to the terms and conditions contained in the clauses of this document and specifications below.


  1. Purchasing procedures
  1. a) Choose the product and add it to the basket.
  2. b) Check the purchase and continue shopping. At all times you have the option to add new products to your order.
  3. c) Carry out your purchase through “Checkout”.
  4. d) Fill in your shipping and personal details.
  5. e) Choose the payment method, and verify your billing and shipping address.
  6. f) Read the general conditions of purchase, and if you agree to accept them.
  7. g) Make payment by card or bank transfer.


  1. Prices

Prices shown on our website include taxes, VAT, packaging costs, management and delivery, so there is no extra charge on the prices shown. In consideration for the acquired products, the customer accepts to pay for HOMETECH, the prices indicated on this website on the date of the order.


  1. Payment

The following forms of payment are accepted:

Online, by credit card, or Stripe.

This service involves the application of a processing fee of 0.9% of the total amount of your purchase.

This system is the fastest and safest method of payment. The transaction is done by connecting directly to the bank and with our company not being aware of the data on your credit card. Using this system, we directly prepare the order and ship it to you.

Wire transfer

If you have access to your Internet bank account, this option is safe. Remember that your order will be processed as soon as we receive the transfer. Once payment is received we will ship your order directly to your home.

The data bank will facilitate automatically once you have placed your order.


This service involves the application of a processing fee of 2.5% on the total amount of your purchase.

The PayPal online payment is made through your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, a payment can be made directly with your credit card. Our company is not aware of the data on your credit card. The PayPal name may appear on the credit card statement or bank account.

Using this system we prepare your order and we will ship to your home.

Important: The limit on purchases with payment “PAYPAL” is 250.- EUR (incl.) Per order.

The product will be sent to the address of your PayPal account, you can not modify the shipping address with this payment method.


  1. Availability


Normally, all products displayed on our website are in stock and are therefore available for immediate delivery.

However, the information product availability and delivery time is displayed at all times.

Orders are processed once we have received payment. (Immediately in the case of payment by credit card)

Although very unlikely, it may be the case where the last unit has been sold but still appears on our website. In these cases we aim to properly inform the customer as soon as possible.


  1. Shipping

The shipment is made by courier.

The delivery time is 48 hours. (12 to 24 hours to order preparation + 12 to 24 hour delivery by courier), excluding weekends and holidays.

No shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Goods will be delivered only on business days (Monday through Friday).

As a general rule, orders received before 12pm will be shipped same day in the afternoon (on weekdays). Orders received after 12pm are shipped the next business day.

If the shipment is received in a damaged state you must indicate on the delivery note of the carrier. No claims may be accepted for shipping problems if no effect is indicated in the delivery note.

Exceptionally, the deadlines for receiving the product may vary by HOMETECH outside circumstances such as transportation incidents or difficulties in delivering products. HOMETECH can not guarantee that the carrier faithfully follow the instructions of the customer and therefore is exempt for any delay.


  1. Taxes

All prices include VAT. If a customer resides outside the CEE you may ask the TAX FREE form for the subsequent VAT refund.


  1. Warranty

All our products are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects. It does not cover blows, misuse, failure caused by moisture, or others that are not attributable to a manufacturing defect.

The warranty is the invoice, you will receive this automatically by e-mail after the purchase of a product.

To repair the product you must go to the manufacturer’s service. If you wish, you can send it to our offices to be later redirected to the manufacturer.

Transport costs generated by repairs or warranty returns be paid by the customer.


  1. Invoices

Upon payment of a purchase made through our website, you automatically receive an invoice to your email address.

The customer is responsible for the confirmation of receipt. The customer must let us know of any changes to your data, being HOMETECH we are exempt from any liability for this circumstance.


  1. Returns

By Breakdown:

Product returns or exchanges will be accepted only if they have not been more than 7 days of purchase and if it includes packaging, accessories and complete manuals and when it is found that this is a manufacturing defect and not misuse. Otherwise, you must go to the technical service who will determine if the product has been changed or repaired.


For other reasons:

If you wish, you can return your purchase within a maximum period of 7 days if the product has not been used and you have the original packaging with all accessories and manuals. Custom, or copyable products such as software, music or movies, as well as consumables unsealed or similar nature, can not be returned.

After receiving the return and verify that the above requirements are met, we will refund the amount overcharged deducting expenses that will always be sent by the client.


  1. Commitment, acceptance and validity of the contract

As indicated in the privacy policy of our website, the customer is responsible for providing its data accurately and truthfully, as well as updating them.

The CLIENT acknowledges having read and accepted the legal conditions of use and the privacy policy of the website.

The CLIENT acknowledges that he has understood all the information about the products offered on our website as well as all conditions and stipulations contained in this electronic contract, which states that are sufficient to exclude any error on the consent of this contract, and therefore accepts and integrates specifically.

The customer is fully aware that the acceptance and execution of this contract will take place through the provision of data and pressing the corresponding “click” button indicated on our website and will be refined with the payment of the product.


  1. Applicable Regulations

This contract is commercial in nature, and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law.

In the event of any discrepancy or difference arises between the parties relating to the interpretation, content or execution of the contract, which is not settled by mutual agreement, both parties may choose to go, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction which could correspond to the Courts of Malaga.


  1. Personal information

In compliance with Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal information you provide to make the process of purchasing and shipping of goods, are confidential and will be incorporated into a file “Customers” of HOMETECH.

We also inform that all data is treated internally and applying all security measures regulated by Royal Decree 1720/2007, which are not published or transmitted to third parties to be used for commercial or promotional purposes.

At any time you can exercise your rights of access, rectification and deletion of data by calling our Customer Service Tel. 952 60 87 59 or 609 849 441


  1. Other

If you have any other question that is not specified above please call our Customer Service Tel. 952 60 87 59 or 609 849 441


These General Purchase Conditions have been updated 22/09/2016. At any time we can proceed to its modification, as well as varying the ratio of the prices and products offered. Please check the issue date each time you connect to our website and you will have the certainty if there has been any change affecting that person.