The History of Naim

Naim began when Julian Vereker started Naim Audio Visual in 1969 and created a sound-to-light box which he hired out to film production companies. His disappointment with the sound of professional recording equipment at the time led him to design his own power amplifier.

With a history rooted in engineering and design, Naim won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise on three occasions, most recently for its design of digital music systems. Naim designs and engineers a wide range of hi-fi products including digital music systems, amplifiers and loudspeakers.


The first product Naim put on the market was the NAP200 power amplifier; it was soon followed by the NAC12 pre-amplifier.

The Naim NAIT, its first integrated amplifier, “one of the most controversial and famous integrated amps in the history of HiFi” has acquired a “legendary” status among integrated amplifiers.


Design Characteristics
Naim has a devoted following gained through a combination of its products’ performance, build quality, upgrade and after-sales philosophy. In terms of after-sales support, Naim boasts they can service all products ever manufactured by them.


Naim Label
Naim also went into the record business in order to supply Compact Discs which were both technically and musically good enough to satisfy analogue/vinyl disciples.