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Mostrando Chord Mojo conectado a auriculares

If you’re looking for a superior high-end DAC then the Mojo should be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed and manufactured in England, Mojo is a quality portable DAC and high-level headphone amplifier with a performance that can rival DACs at twenty times its price. It’s light and compact, made specifically for ease of mobility. Based on the Hugo platform, it takes one step further and uses the new Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA making Mojo one of the most advanced DACs around.


Designed for ease of use, with no confusing or superfluous switches, which is common on similar devices. Works perfectly for all smartphones and music players ranging from iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. With a low-distortion digital volume controlled via two colour-illuminated buttons, the Mojo is capable of driving any headphone between 4 ohms and 800 ohms and can drive two pairs of headphones simultaneously. Mojo has the capabilities of working with any music file from 44.1kHz up to 768kHz while decoding a range of formats like MP3, FLAC, PCM, WAV, AIFF and AAC.


Mojo leaves little to be desired as it’s made from solid aircraft-grade aluminium, the casework has a hard Matt black finish which aims to leave the item mark free. A small four hour USB charge is all it needs to give enough juice for all uses. This already makes it twenty times faster than competitor units, and it can be used while it’s charging.
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